Building Together: New approaches to food security on the Coast

Building Together: New approaches to food security on the Coast

Combatting hunger and food insecurity has been dominated by a food charity, food bank-heavy model for nearly 40 years. However, decades on, levels of food insecurity across the province continue to be unacceptably high.

On Tuesday, December 6, join Catherine Leach, Executive Director of Sunshine Coast Community Services (SCCSS), Carey Rumba, Manager of Community Action and Engagement, and Dr Chris Hergesheimer for an engaging presentation about future directions for more diverse food programming and the role of the new Community Services building in achieving this vision.  

While continuing to meet daily needs, there is growing recognition that new ways of tackling food insecurity are required - and locally, new approaches are on the horizon. SCCSS is on a mission to develop a dignified and diversified food justice program to help meet the short-term food needs of our community in new ways while also joining in national calls for proven root cause solutions.

“In the face of mounting evidence and growing need, we need new approaches to building security, dignity, community and health with and around food - a diverse approach that significantly improves household and community food security and food justice. By creating new access points to meet people where they are and engaging communities as participants and leaders in different and joyful ways, we can mobilize resources and commitment to policy solutions for long-term change. The Food Centre, nested within the Building Together project, will be the headquarters for these activities and initiatives,” says Hergesheimer.

Dr Chris Hergesheimer holds a PhD in Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems from UBC. He has spent nearly 15 years embedded in the local food world of Southwestern B.C. He has also worked with and studied food sovereignty-oriented farmer movements in Ecuador and Haiti. Chris brings his expertise in food studies and food systems transformation, his experience in community economic development and a growing interest and passion for innovation within the charitable food sector to his work as Lead Food Programmer at SCCSS. 

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Doors will open at 5:30 pm for light snacks and mingling, with the keynote presentation to begin at six.

To find out more or register for this event, contact Carey Rumba, Manager of Community Action and Engagement, by email at or call 604-885-5881.